As a Photographer, I’ve always understood portraits are a powerful way for us to connect with ourselves and people we love. Portraits capture who we are, they show our essence, while conveying such a variety of emotion. To capture a moment, a smile, a tear - I love to photograph all of these moments - because that’s life! In those moments of pure joy, tears, frustration and love, we show our souls. And we begin creating our legacy. A legacy that recalls what Mommy looked like as a young woman; how Daddy looked at you, so full of love; how your dog ran through the field with the kids or where the family grew up. What does that mean to you? What will it mean down the road? Imagine creating your families’ story in photographs. A story that you get to see everyday - it’s there on your walls, and in your heart. It communicates to our loved ones how important they are to us.

Looking at the beautiful images of my own daughter as a baby, as a toddler, as a little girl - helps me connect to my personal why. Because of that smile and the little voice that says I love you mommy. I want her to be able to look at these pictures in 20 years and for there to be no question about how much she was loved. For her to know a bit about who her family is and to give her a solid foundation of knowing where she came from. And so that I can look back, when she is a woman and still hear that little voice saying, I love you mommy.

We all have an essence that is worth revealing and communicating to the people that we care about. It is love - expressed now and in the future.